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Wanting to learn more about qualified plans in general? We've  assembled some resources for you to help you on your journey.

Types of Qualified Plans and Terminology

Our alliance with Economic Group Pension Services (EGPS) has put together a helpful overview of Qualified Plans.


Types of Plans

Covid-19 & Regulatory Updates

Fact Sheets


Retirement Plans for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

When it comes to designing a Qualified Plan, there are different options for different sized businesses. If you are a sole proprietor, or own a business with no employees, or with your spouse as an employee, our Partners at My Solo 401k Financial have put together some helpful resources on what might be a fit for you.


Retirement Plans

Self-Directed Solo 401(k)

Compare Retirement Accounts

Investments, Economics and Advanced Planning

We work with business owners, and as such, have a broad range of knowledge in planning that exists beyond asset allocation for qualified plans. Learn more about WestPac Wealth Partners and the work that we do


The Olivia Team

The Olivia Team Blog

WestPac Wealth Partners

WestPac Wealth Partners Blog

If you're starting to understand qualified plans, use our Design Tool to see what plans could be a potential fit for you and your business.

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